Your branded currency platform

Gift cards, account credits, promotional value and points—all powered by a single platform.

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Connect everything

Level up marketing, business development and partnerships.

Access new channels

Sell to a network of resellers and third-party distributors.

Drive sales volume

Run data-driven promotions and targeted incentives.

Optimize customer acquisition and revenue.

Use the API and web application for total control. Easily send, automate and track your gift cards and promotions. Securely distribute them to your teams, partners and third-party channels.

The first step? Accepting unique codes in your checkout using our API.

Create Custom Programs

Organize your gift cards, points and promotions into programs with different rules and distribution.

Attach Temporary Value

Incentivize people to use their gift cards with short-term promotions.

Understand Recipients

Associate value with specific people to optimize the customer journey.

Secure Every Transaction

Protect your account and data with best-in-class enterprise security.

Connect Everywhere

Work with other systems and services using a modern, RESTful API.

Review Detailed Reports

Account for every detail and then optimize your approach.

Works with your checkout.

Use Stripe, Braintree, Recurly or Shopify? Your gift cards and promotions work seamlessly in your checkout with minimal effort from your developers.

Drive more sales with strategic promotional value.

Activate new customers and engage existing ones. Control your promotional value and set rules on how and when codes are used. Track everything and see what works.

Easily issue and track any value.

It’s easy to use Giftbit Currency for account credits, loyalty points or refund credits. Offer temporary value and encourage users to make a purchase.


Use simple API documentation.

Our API is straightforward and easy to integrate with. We’ve included code examples, common use cases, and support throughout our documentation. Have a look.

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